[Culture] Journey At The King Center


Recently I visited The King Center in Atlanta, Georgia. This incredible experience was full of history and information that I needed to learn about Dr. Martin Luther King JR. During the visit, you get somewhat of a behind the scenes look at what really happened during Dr. King’s life. Check out more of my pictures below.
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Favorite Fashion Looks


My shirt is from a vintage shop in Michigan, pants are from Forever 21, and boots are from Charlotte Russe.

Hey guys! I’ve been MIA when it came to updating this blog but now I am back! Today I decided to post few of my favorite and simple looks I have worn over the last couple of months.
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Five Emerging Beauty Trends of Spring 2015


Photo Credit: BellaSugar.com

Now that the holidays are over, spring will be right around the corner. Why not switch up your makeup looks, to help us deal with this bitter cold and freshen up our looks. Spring reminds us of pastel and earthy tones, and on the spring 2014 runways observers seen everything from fresh and natural faces to neon orange lips. New York fashion week’s makeup artists have taught us how to keep up with the season’s hottest beauty trends by teaching how to recreate the five most popular in our own bathrooms.

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Jewelry Review: @Cutey Jewelry

cutey300 Founded in 2011, Cutey Jewelry is a very new jewelry and handbag line from the UK. Cutey specializes in making fashionable and affordable jewelry for the everyday casual fashionista. The charm bracelet I received features colorful beads and feminine charms that are very appealing to the eye. You can also remove or add beads and charms to help create your own unique look. The very well made “Eros” charm bracelet is full of pinks and greens that help bring this beautiful piece of jewelry to life.

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Album Review: J. Cole’s (@JColeNC) Born Sinner




On Born Sinner’s opening J. Cole announces “It’s way darker this time.” The first song “Villuminati” samples Biggie and basically introduces listeners to the concept of the album. Unlike his debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story where he had to prove his talent, but on his sophomore album is where he was able to celebrate it while also showcasing his diversity.

Cole’s lyricism seems to flow effortlessly along with Born Sinner’s production, mainly because he produced majority of the album. Knowing what beats and instruments sounded great with his flow. On “Forbidden Fruit” featuring Kendrick Lamar, Cole borrows a sample from A Tribe Called Quest and places a simple bass guitar with the track. J. Cole’s determination to receive approval from Hip Hop legends like Nas and Jay-Z (Sometimes I brag like Hov), “Let Nas Down” we are finally able to his vulnerability about being shunned by Nas because of his previous work. This album is great, lyrically and musically, Cole’s ability as a producer and lyricist make you realize he can stand on his on without the help of Jigga.